Have your code document itself.

Documentation is no longer a pain. Auto-document your codebases using the power of ChatGPT so you can focus on writing code and less time writing documentation.

Documentation is one of the worst parts of our job. No more. ChatGPT-assisted auto-generation for docs make for a new kind of way of developing & documenting your code.


brew install documntr


Run it  documntr


vim README.md


ChatGPT-based auto-documentation.

Auto-create the first version of the documentation.

CLI tools built for developers.

Create READMEs directly in your terminal.

Privacy, always top of mind.

We don't store your code so there is no chance of leaks.

Coming soon: Github Integration!

Auto update docs on push, coming soon!

Give it a shot

$ brew install documntr # Installation
$ documntr # Run it

Free during alpha.

For a limited time, Documntr is free to try. We will release updates when we launch with a paid version.

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Is my code safe?

Documntr does not save your code. Once your documentation is generated, we drop the code altogether. Rest assured, we don't save your code after you've got what you needed from Documntr.

How does it work?

Documntr relies on OpenAI's ChatGPT for auto-creating your documentation. On top of that, we've built a custom generation policy that is tailored to create high-quality documentation for your codebase in the ways that matter most to developers.

How much will it cost?

During alpha, Documntr is free to try while we get the bugs out. Once we launch general release, we plan to charge in a usage-based way rather than an ongoing subscription.

Will you integrate into Github soon?

Yes, we will. In a few weeks, we will release a Github-based version of Documntr. You will be able to onboard repos and based on a settings you create, you will get auto-updated docs when you push to your repo.